Nothing but Ghosts (D 2007)                                   



Nothing but Ghosts tells the stories of five journeys in five different countries: the protagonists find themselves in Iceland, the Carribean, the desert of Nevada, Venice and a small town in the middle of Germany. They travel alone, as a couple or with friends. They are on a holiday trip, visiting old friends, meeting with their families or trying to escape their memories of a long lost relationships.

Nothing but Ghosts is based on 5 short stories from Judith Hermann's collections "The Summerhouse, later" and "Nothing but Ghosts".


The Countess
Women Without Men
Nothing but Ghosts
Trip to Asia
La Fine del Mare
Paradise Now
Jena Paradies
Silent Waters

Scriptwriter and Director Martin Gypkens  
Camera Eeva Fleig  
Sound Bernd von Bassewitz  
Production Design Jörg Prinz  
Costumes Lisy Christl  
Editing Karin Jacobs  
Line Producer Kristian Stern  
Production Manager Peter Hermann  
1st AD Meno Sellschopp  
Unit/Loc. Manager (Germany) Sabina Doerr  
Producer Andreas Eicher  
Principal Cast August Diehl  
  Stipe Erceg  
  Fritzi Haberlandt  
  Brigitte Hobmeier  
  Wotan Wilke Möhring  
  Karina Plachetka  
  Janek Rieke  
  Chiara Schoras  
  Jessica Schwarz  
  Maria Simon  
  Ina Weisse, and others  
Production Companies box! Film Hamburg GmbH  
  Marco Polo High Definition, Halle  
Filming Locations Germany (Leipzig, Hamburg, Brandenburg)  
  Iceland, Italy, USA, Jamaica  
Shooting Period March - July 2006  
Format HD/35 mm / 1:2,35 / approx. 120 min.  
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