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The Countess (D/F 2009)                    



The Countess is based on the life of Countess Erzebet Bathory, who lived in 16th century Slovakia. The topics are eternal youth, great romantic love and intrigues against the most powerful woman of her time. It is the period when witches were burnt and torture was commonplace.

Legend says, that Bathory bathed in the blood of virgins to attain eternal youth. But was this woman really the monster we read about today? Or is she a victim of her power-hungry enemies who cast her in this role?


The Countess
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La Fine del Mare
Paradise Now
Jena Paradies
Silent Waters

Scriptwriter and Director Julie Delpy  
Camera Martin Ruhe  
Sound Dirk Bombey  
Production Design Hubert Pouille  
Art Director Astrid Poeschke  
Costumes Pierre-Yves Gayraud  
Editing tba.  
Line Producer Norbert Preuss  
Production Manager Peter Hermann  
1st AD Scott Kirby  
Associate Producer Norbert Preuss  
Producer Andro Steinborn  
Principal Cast Julie Delpy  
  William Hurt  
  Daniel Brühl  
  Sebastian Blomberg  
Production Companies X Filme International GmbH, Berlin  
  Celluloid Dreams, Paris  
Filming Locations Berlin-Brandenburg, Saxony, Thuringia  
Shooting Period February - April 2008  
Format 35 mm / 1:2,35 / approx. 100 min.