Heimkehr (D/HR 2003)      



After years, trying to make a career as a rock musician, Nikola returns to his family in Stuttgart.

In den 1960s, his parents emigrated from Croatia to Germany, hoping for a better life and aiming to earn enough money to fulfill their life's dream: to open a small hotel back home at the Adriatic Sea.

But the manic ambition of the father to reach this goal is about to split the family forever...


The Countess
Women Without Men
Nothing but Ghosts
Trip to Asia
La Fine del Mare
Paradise Now
Jena Paradies
Silent Waters

Director Damir Lukacevic  
Camera David Schultz  
Sound Tom Weber  
Production Design Anne Schlaich  
Costumes Carmen Lozano  
Editing Valérie Smith  
Produktion Manager Peter Hermann  
Director Annette Stefan  
Unit / Location Managers Sabina Doerr, Rene von Bodisco  
Producers Christian Hünemörder, Michael Jungfleisch  
  Damir Teresak  
Principal Cast Mustafa Nadarevic  
  Vlasta Knezovic  
  Rade Radovic  
  Carlo Ljubek  
Production Companies Gambit Film und Fernsehproduktion, Ludwigsburg  
  Maxima Films, Zagreb  
  ZDF, Das kleine Fernsehspiel  
  dffb, Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin  
Filming Locations Stuttgart, Germany and Croatia  
Shooting Period Autumn/Winter 2002, Spring 2003  
Format 35 mm / 1:1,85 / 90 min.  
Cinema Release Germany Kinostar, 2004  
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